Thursday, May 25, 2017

The West Region

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sensibot Challenge Chart

The dependent variable is the speed. A dependent variable is the variable that changes because of the independent variable.  We did not know what the speed was going to be. On every surface the speed was different because of the different surfaces. One of the surfaces was blacktop it was very rocky and it was hard for the robot to do the programming so it was the slowest. But that was different from the tile. The tile was smooth so the robot did the programming easily and faster.
The independent variable was  the surfaces. A Independent variable is the only variable that that changes in a experiment. We had 3 different kinds of surfaces. The first one was tile tile was the fastest out of all of them because it was smooth and hard so the robot did not have to go over bumps or anything. Carpet was the 2nd one we did. It was sort of hard because it was soft but it still went pretty fast. The last one we did was blacktop. Blacktop was the hardest out of all of hem because of the rocks so the robot had to go over the rocks which made it slower.

The controlled variable was the code/program. A controlled variable is the variable that stays the same. The code/program is the controlled variable because it always stays the same. 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Sensabot Challenge Code

How did we code the robot to go forward?  Describe what each block is doing?  What problems did you run into?  How did you fix them
I am going to explain all of the coding blocks. The first block I used was block B+C.The B+C block made the robot move forward straight.The second block is A that block made the robots arm move up than back down again .I had to repeat those blocks 3 times so it could go straight. In our group we ran into a lot of problems. One of them was we finished coding our robot and  and we were just about to video and instead of pressing play we pressed delete we were so so sad. We fixed the problem by working super hard and remembering what the code was. We finally finished it again. The challenge was super fun in the end.!!